Brand Storytelling Put Customers at the Heart of Your Brand Story By Miri Rodriguez

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In today’s digital world, the words ‘story’ and ‘storytelling’ are often being misused or misunderstood. While many people have a good understanding of the power of storytelling, most brands continue to struggle to make genuine connections, relying on outdated strategies to engage audiences. Unfortunately, they’re unable to pin down the true heart of their story: the customer.

Brand Storytelling: Put Customers at the Heart of Your Brand Story [Kogan Page March 31, 2020], by award-winning Microsoft storyteller and creative journalist Miri Rodriguez, is the ultimate guidebook for aligning brand personality with customer values and aspirations. Using interviews, advice, and case studies from leading brands like Expedia, Coca Cola, Adobe, and Google, Rodriguez presents actionable steps for finding, crafting, and leveraging stories that motivate and connect with the modern consumer.

“Storytelling for branding meticulously spells out how you can pierce though ancient traditional marketing ideals and emerge as an innovation leader in your own space,” says Rodriguez. “You will find methodology, illustrative lessons, and pertinent examples that will guide you to implementing storytelling as the foundation to your business approach.”

In Brand Storytelling, Rodriguez gets back to the heart of brand loyalty, consumer behavior, and engagement as a business strategy, revealing how storytelling triggers the emotions that humans are driven by. With Rodriguez’s guidance, readers learn how to assess, dismantle, and rebuild their brand story, enabling brand leaders and influencers to celebrate and strengthen their success, rather than simply trying to win it.

“I want to offer practical tools to help you become a skilled brand storyteller, both at the personal and business levels,” Rodriguez explains. “These narrative schemes have proven successful in turning any content into compassionate human experiences, where stakeholders and audiences are inspired into action and where your allegory alchemy will turn words into worlds.”

A must-read for anyone seeking to harness the power of brand journalism, Brand Storytelling reveals:

  • How to tap into authentic brand loyalty and human connection by aligning brand voice with individual customer values, experiences and aspirations
  • The five essential elements to humanize your brand through storytelling
  • The Robin to Batman effect: Why it’s essential to make yourself the ‘sidekick’ to the customer’s ‘batman’ in every story
  • How to weave, measure and advocate the brand storytelling mission into the marketing mix and throughout every department
  • Strategies for leveraging your brand as a creative thought leader with a personalized brand narrative
  • Empathy Matters: Why this soft skill is essential to storytelling in the digital age
  • Four magic tricks that can rev up your brand story into action, and make it enchanting and unforgettable
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable: Why vulnerability is key in the practice of telling stories
  • Five key questions to make sure storytelling is in line with your brand’s core values
  • Machine-learning, AI and automation only tell one side of the story: Actionable steps for people in the IT field to use storytelling to reconnect with the audience
  • There’s no one way: The wide range of strategies for designing and crafting a story—and why only YOU know which one is best for your audience

MIRI RODRIGUEZ is an award-winning storyteller, creative journalist, and the Global Head of Internships at Microsoft. Rodriguez is a renowned keynote speaker and international thought leader on brand storytelling, personal branding and youth entrepreneurship. Along with multiple awards, she regularly contributes to global podcasts and publications. Previous clients include Adobe, Walmart and McKesson.

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You can connect with Miri on Twitter, LinkedIn, and on Instagram at @MiriRod and @Brandstorytelling.

Brand Storytellingwill be available for purchase on March 31, 2020 on Kogan Page, Amazon and through other major booksellers.

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