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"Miri, why did you write this book?"

I was in San Francisco speaking at a conference and took the chance to connect over brunch with one of my mentees and a few other cool personalities that often remind me I am never the smartest person in the room.

As I delved with gusto into my eggs benedict, my mentee surprised me with a question I hadn’t yet considered the answer to: Miri, why did you write this book?

My mind immediately went into overdrive, seeking a fast and satisfactory answer for my always curious protegee.

Between bites and brain bytes, I sort of casually blurted out: to democratize storytelling.

His brown pupils widened and a grin illuminated his face. I went on to tell my personal story of why I had accepted the challenge to write a book during one of the busiest times in my life: I was finishing my Master’s degree, taking on a new role and dealing with some personal extended family challenges.

Yes, you and I are storytellers.

As humans, we have been created with an incredible innate ability to connect with one another in the most powerful memory-encoding way that has served our species from generations past to pass down values, culture and rich history, before the time of alphabets, press and social media.

But while most of us can tell stories while sitting at a café or at the bar surrounded by friends, we find it very difficult to bring this cognitive ability to a place of structure like a meeting room or digital campaign.

An excerpt from the book:

"There are stories. Then there are great stories. A great story is one that reaches beyond the narrative, unsuspectingly grabbing you by the hand and immersing you into a newfound storyworld, never to bring you back again.

In Brand Storytelling I want to offer practical tools to help you become a skilled brand storyteller, both at the personal and business level. These narrative schemes have proven successful in turning any content into compassionate human experiences where stakeholders and audiences are inspired into action and where your allegory alchemy will turn words into worlds."

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