Amplify Your Impact With AI Workshop

Join me in this engaging and innovative talk where human creativity intertwines with AI capabilities to create narratives that captivate, inform, and inspire.

Whether you’re looking to turn an internal strategy document into a business pitch, or an internal WinWire into an external customer use case story, in this session you will discover how generative AI can be leveraged to spark creative thinking and push the boundaries of traditional storytelling, leading to new and unexpected narrative direction.

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The Storytelling Design Workshop

Learn to design (not just tell) stories that matter.

All of us have the cognitive ability to tell stories. But it takes intentional design and emotional intelligence to create stories that drive human connection. This workshop brings to life the narrative schemes spelled out in my award-winning book Brand Storytelling and democratizes storytelling by breaking down each step in the story design process: elements, structure and attributes so you can best connect with your audiences driving empathy and inclusion in your content.

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The Personal Branding Workshop

Your brand is not who you say you are, but how you make people feel.

Learn to tell the origin story that makes you uniquely you. The moments and lived experiences that have shaped and influenced who you are today are the very foundation of your personal brand story and what makes it unique. In this insightful and lighthearted session, I share personal examples and key strategies for defining your personal brand mission and steps to building your personal brand for success.

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The Self Mastery Workshop

Finding Healing and Authentic Life Purpose

This hands-on workshop draws on design thinking, personal branding and storytelling principles to help you discover, heal and awaken yourself and your life's higher purposes. This self mastery course explores how to best align your lived experiences and human essence (body, spirit and soul) to unlock a higher sense of authentic living. Bringing together my personal and business journey and insights, in this workshop, I share unique tools and inspiring activities based on empathy, design and storytelling alchemy.

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