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Storytelling As A Service

Miri's Story

A Latina immigrant living in the U.S.

A storyteller, brand consultant and international keynote speaker.

Also, the owner & CEO of Be Mindful Be Happy, bestselling author of the award-winning book Brand Storytelling and partner at Latin Business Today.

I help brands big and small design their brand stories for influence and impact. In the last 6 years working as a storyteller at Microsoft, I’ve mastered the best ways to tell stories that matter: stories that are deeply personal, emotionally connected and driven by inclusion and empathy.



My brand and work are dedicated to people from all walks of life, every nationality, race/ethnicity/belief, gender, and culture and driven by the following core values:

Workshops Preview

Amplify Your Impact With AI

Join me in this engaging and innovative talk where human creativity intertwines with AI capabilities to create narratives that captivate, inform, and inspire.

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The Storytelling Design Workshop

This workshop brings to life the narrative schemes spelled out in my award-winning book Brand Storytelling and democratizes storytelling by breaking down each step in the story design process.

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The Personal Branding Workshop

In this insightful and lighthearted session, I walk you through the 3 steps of building your personal brand: creating mission statement, building your origin story, and establishing your digital presence for impact.

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The Self Mastery Workshop

This hands-on workshop combines design-thinking, personal branding, storytelling and mindfulness principles to help you discover, heal and awaken yourself and your life’s purpose.

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Brand Storytelling Consulting

Keep your brand relevant and engaging through the magic of storytelling. Let me help you design a brand narrative that will feel personal, authentic and empathetic to your audience.

My consulting services are flexible and tailored to your specific needs and budget. Using the Design Thinking approach, I can help you build internal storytelling processes to design and unify a successful brand narrative across business functions.

Past consulting clients include:

My values

God first.

I honor and celebrate your brand story and journey.

I care for my community and the planet.

I get things done with compassion, integrity, accountability and mindfulness.

I love all people.

I want you to be happy.