Once upon a time

I failed frantically

When I was asked to join the engineering team at Microsoft and tell stories about data, security and AI, I failed.

I failed miserably.

I failed frantically.

Then failed some more.

I failed for three months!

Failing taught me the very thing I needed to take me beyond the mere telling of stories and into the magical world of story designing.


I democratize storytelling

I’m a Preacher’s Kid. I was exposed to the art of storytelling since before my fledging brain could even make sense of this skillset. It always amazed me how social influencers knew just the right mix of story elements, structure and techniques to take their audience through an unforgettable storyworld.
I used to think this alchemy was reserved for an elite few, but story design showed me different—and now I spend a good portion of my time turning story words into worlds

…and storytellers into storylords!

No matter the type of story you’re looking to tell, whether personal or corporate, within the private or public sector, B2B or B2C, the formula remains the same.

I'm an alchemist

Story design is about the intentional crafting of story structure, attributes and elements to conjure vulnerability, emotion, drive inclusion and lead with empathy.

In today’s digital world, most brands continue to struggle to make a genuine connection with their audience and resort to outdated engagement strategies.

In a looming robopocalypse where AI and machines persist on automating and digitizing human relationships, how will your stories land successfully if you don’t take the time to meticulously transform content into experience?

I hope you’re ready for some alchemy.