Hi! I’m Miri.

A Latina immigrant living in the U.S.

A storyteller, brand consultant and international keynote speaker.

Also the owner & CEO of Be Mindful Be Happy and best selling author of the award winning book Brand Storytelling.

I help brands big and small design their brand stories for influence and impact. In the last 6 years working as a storyteller at Microsoft, I’ve mastered the best ways to tell stories that matter: stories that are deeply personal, emotionally connected and driven by inclusion and empathy.

I hold a master’s degree in Integrated Communications and Marketing from Georgetown University and various certifications including Copyrighting, Technical Writing, Design Thinking, Six Sigma, Prosci Change Management.

My mantra: Be kind. It’s free.
My brand attributes: Feminine and kind.
I get energized by: People, travel, the beach and sun, yoga, reading, writing.
Guilty pleasure: Binge watching history docuseries in my PJs.

My Why: I sincerely do believe that all of us have the power within to immortalize ourselves through our best stories. We just have to learn to design and tell them in the best way possible. This is why I’m so passionate about democratizing storytelling for all.

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You can find my professional biography and profile photos on the media page.